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Jeff Abramowitz


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Rabbi Aryeh Young

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Psychotherapist, Boys Our Place, LMSW

Shim Perlman


Counselor, The Living Room, CRPA

Tehila Nissanian

Mental Health Counselor, Boys Our Place, LMCH

Benjamin Marmorstein


Psychotherapist, Boys Our Place, LMSW

Micah Landau


Intern & Volunteer Coordinator, Our Place Boys, LMSW

Yehuda Klinkowitz

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Programming Coordinator, The Living Room, CRPA

Shmaya Honickman

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Clinical Coordinator, Our Place Girls, LMSW

Miriam Gruen


Mental Health Counselor, LMHC

Dovid Glancz


Assosciate Director & Community Outreach Coordinator, The Living Room, LMSW

Gittel Follman

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Leaning Director, Our Place Boys, MRb

Rabbi Yosef Fogel


Psychotherapist, Our Place Girls, LMSW

Shula Einhorn


Program Coordinator, Our Place Girls, M.S. Ed

Bracha Einhorn


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Shanidy Urman

Counselor, TLR

Mendel Carlebach

Counselor, Our Village

Binyomin Auerbach

Volunteer Mentor, Our Place Boys

Moshe Reichman

Counselor, Our Village

Daniel Friedman

Volunteer Mentor, Our Place Boys

Chananya Shiff

Volunteer Mentor, Our Place Boys

Bruce Greenberg

Activities Director, Our Place Boys

Eta Beinenstock

Couples Coordinator, TLR

Esti Gendel

Counsler, TLR

Eli Erenthal

Director of Operations, Our Village

Rayna Rabinowitz

Mentor, Our Place Girls

Yehuda (Jay) Tusk

Volunteer Mentor, Our Place Boys

Sruli Tennenbaum

Volunteer IT Coordinator, Our Place Boys

Emmy Rimler

LMHC Volunteer, Our Place Boys

Moti Matatov

Fitness Instructor, Our Place Boys

Gabi Koyenov

Social Work Volunteer, Our Place Boys

Azriel Kimmel

Social Work Intern, Our Place Boys

AJ Jacobowitz

Volunteer, Our Place Boys

Hadar Meir Hasis

Social Work Volunteer, Our Place Boys

Jonathan Greenstein

Volunteer Mentor, Our Place Boys

Aron Greenstein

Site Manager, Our Place Boys

Yaakov Cohen

Volunteer Mentor, Our Place Boys

Isaac Cohen

Music Director, Our Place Boys

Joshua Carbonera

Social Work Intern, Our Place Boys


In a short span of six months (Dec 2020 – May 2021), the Our Place family was left heartbroken by the untimely passing of three devoted, long-time staff members – each of whom left their own indelible mark on the lives of hundreds of young men and women.

Rabbi Dovid Silberman

In addition to being a popular Yeshiva Rebbe in the Flatbush community, Rabbi Dovid Silberman spent two decades working with teens and their families to assist in school re-enrollment and placement. When a boy was ready to re-enter the Yeshiva program or there was simply no Yeshiva that seemed suitable, Rabbi Silberman was the address. His tireless efforts and patience ensured that countless students returned to Yeshiva.

Mark Schickler

While his official job title was “facility manager,” Mark was known for his larger-than-life smile and effusive warmth that he shared with each boy who walked through the door. He regularly opened his humble apartment to any Our Place boy in need of a Shabbos, where his Friday night onegs were legendary for going well into the wee hours of the night. His free hugs are irreplaceable.

Joe “Yossie” Yurowitz

For over two decades, Joe was a fixture at both Our Place Boys and The Living Room. Multiple times a week he could be found hanging out in Our Place Boys, shooting pool, or speaking with a young teen. He attended recovery retreats; he lived and breathed Our Place, serving as a confidant to kids, staff members, and board members alike. His selfless dedication and constant advocacy played a vital role in Our Place’s growth from the very beginning. In 2019, shortly before his untimely passing, Joe joined the Our Place Board of Directors.

President Emeritus / Founder

Moshe Binik A'H

As a successful businessman and philanthropist, Moshe Binik dedicated himself to the needs of the community throughout his lifetime. From opening his home to those without one, to establishing discount groceries for families in need, to volunteering as a Hatzolah member, Rabbi Binik was no stranger to acts of kindness.

Moshe Binik served as the first president of Our Place. He has helped thousands of young adults overcome abuse and trauma and find a place in the community.

Although Rabbi Binik was involved in many other charity projects, he always dedicated himself to providing for Our Place and supporting its meaningful, life-changing mission.

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