What We Do


Protection from Violence

Without Our Place, teens in our care would be on the streets, susceptible to drug dealers and criminals every day. Safety first: we take care to ensure that teens who may pose a danger to others are not admitted, and our staff maintains a peaceful, violence-free space conducive to growth.


Since many teens don't have a functional family situation, we provide a nutritious hot supper every night–family-style, around a table.

Our Place Hotline

The crises that unfortunately occur don't keep regular hours. We maintain a 24/7 Our Place hotline, where a staff member can be reached at any time.



Exercise is an important outlet for teens. Our modern gym is fully stocked with free weights, exercise machines, punching bags, a personal trainer, and more.


Our drop-in centers feature recreational pool and ping-pong tables. There is an organized tournament once a week, with a prize awarded to the winner.

Music Room/Lessons

A soundproof room equipped with a drum set, guitars and recording equipment helps teens unwind therapeutically and learn new skills. Professional musicians provide music instruction.

Entertainment Center

A large screen TV for sporting events, arcade system, and pool table draw teens into Our Place and helps them relax in a homey atmosphere.

Film Making

A recent addition to our recreational programs, this is a project to learn about film making through creating documentary films.



Many of our teens suffer from past trauma, mental health issues, and addiction problems. Substance abuse counseling and preventive counseling is provided by a licensed therapist.

One on One Volunteers

Our "Big Brother" program operates under the supervision of a certified social worker. Volunteers work with teens one-on-one and in groups, spending time together weekly. Teens have the chance to develop a relationship and learn healthy behaviors.


Our Place is often instrumental in placing our teenagers in Yeshivas, vocational programs, and when appropriate, jobs. We have a professional job placement counselor on staff.


Israel Trip

Our hugely successful Israel trip is an opportunity for our teens to connect with the land of Israel and grow spiritually. It's also an opportunity for teens to explore schooling options that we recommend.

US Trips

Trips are planned monthly, some for the general membership, and some for our Learning Program. These include skiing in Vermont, fishing on a chartered boat, paintball, etc.

Weekend Retreats

Shabbatonim are an opportunity to form bonds with staff and each other and to experience their heritage in a positive way.


Study Program

Our successful study program brings members to nearby synagogues to focus introspectively on their personal growth. The atmosphere is non-judgemental and positive, encouraging participants to ask questions, increase their knowledge, and satiate their desire for meaning. For many, this remarkably warm and welcoming method of study is an eye-opening experience. After the session, the group goes to a restaurant for dinner, and Our Place incentivizes learning with periodic trips for participants.

Informal Study

With our comprehensive library of both Judaic and self-help books, Our Place volunteers learn with teens in a non-stressful, unstructured environment.

Thursday Night "Chill"

Dubbed Thursday Night Chill by participants, this low-key weekday meetup involves casual conversation and delicious hot cholent. It creates warm memories and encourages positive feelings toward tradition.

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