On the Power of Recognizing Our Powerlessness

Menachem Poznanski, LMSW

On the power of recognizing our powerlessness The brutality of the moment can feel like it might consume us. This overload of tension feels like the breath is being ripped from our lungs like we are suffocating on the intensity of what might come. …and then, we take a moment to breathe deeply. We are reminded that while the circumstances of the moment are scary and nerve-racking, and the suffering that may come is overwhelming to consider, the choice to suffocate or breath is still in our power. Coming to terms with just how powerless we are in the overall arch of the story of our lives is uncomfortable. It’s humbling and it’s sobering. Yet, no matter how in touch we are with our powerlessness, we can at the same moment reveal our power, maybe more than ever before. How we face this moment is in our hands, we can’t control how we feel but we can influence our feelings by proactively utilizing simple actions that begin with a deep breath