We Are In This Together

Menachem Poznanski, LMSW

We are in this together In my observation, at this point in the journey, there are really two types of people; There are those of us that successfully engaged supports and found a new normal in this challenging time. We worked hard over the past few weeks to follow the instructions of our governments and authorities while taking care of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. We practiced resilience in tough times by developing a plan of self-care that will foster spiritual growth for the future. Many of us are starting to feel a growing burnout as our initial motivation falters, and we begin to really come to terms, on an experiential level, with how long our new normal is actually going to last. Then, there are those of us that have not yet developed a vibrant plan. Some of us are individuals with full families with needs, the early phase of this challenge meant focusing on their immediate safety and need; Parents, Children, and Spouses. Some of us caught the early wave of the virus and have felt and been very ill there simply wasn’t the time or ability to develop a plan, and lastly, there are those of us who’s impulse was to retreat, in the hope of waiting out the difficulty, and reemerging when normal was normal again. All of us in this boat are now waking up in a world that demands a lot if we have any hope of maintaining our Yishuv Hadas - our emotional Sobriety So, what do we do now? We gotta LEAN IN to each other. Feeling burnt out? A lot of us can really benefit from your support, your guidance, and your wisdom. Feeling overwhelmed? A lot of us can really benefit from supporting you. Our human protection mechanisms tell us that when we have an abundance, we need to be careful, to circle the wagons, to hold on to what we have and that when we are struggling, we need to keep up a good attitude so that the struggle doesn’t consume us. Those are useful, but not right now in this way. Right now, we need to share freely what we have and let others in. When we share spiritual strength we get stronger, not weaker, and when we admit spiritual struggle we get higher, not lower. So today, maybe LEAN IN to someone who didn’t have time, ability, or focus to prepare the way you did or lean into someone who did. When we lean on each other we reveal the divinity within and that way take the opportunity to shine it outward.