The Problem With Expectations (and What to Do About It)

Menachem Poznanski, LMSW

The problem with expectations (and what to do about it) A spiritual approach is most powerful when it marries what seems like two opposites. Leaning In is proactive and deep breath is passive, yet, combined they act as a powerful force against the tyrant of idealistic expectationism. They foster a calm, reserved, and wise responsiveness to what is. Our expectations; of ourselves, of others and of reality, make Leaning In feel tense, fixated and aggressive. But when we start with a deep breath, in and out, taking in love and light, as preparation for channeling that love and light out, we welcome in a sense of acceptance of what is with a curiosity of what may come. Then “Lean In” takes on a whole new meaning. It means embracing our NOW, and in doing so embracing the divine.