How to Make Sense of It All In A Topsy-turvy World

Menachem Poznanski, LMSW

How to make sense of it all in a topsy-turvy world These days, it feels as though our emotions are flying from one side of the universe to the other, from panic to faith and back again. The world is topsy turvy so our feeling is topsy turvy... and that makes sense, but it is really uncomfortable. Can we get some relief? The path to balance and serenity starts with a DEEP BREATH, an affirmation that this is where I am and this is how I feel. It is a way of letting our bodies know that it is time to lower the tension and settle into our reality. It is just enough to remind us to draw our attention to what’s right about this situation, what’s right about us. It is exactly what we need to bring us back to our gratitude, our aspirations, and our principles. In the midst of a moment of panic it feels like a DEEP BREATH won’t change anything, yet, that often turns out to be a lie. Starting the journey towards a n